Dr Malcolm CampbellUniversity of Canterbury

    Malcolm is a Spatial Data Scientist with an interest in health and technology. This means he is really interested in how the environment around you, both physical and social, can alter your health in positive or negative ways.

    He is Deputy Director of the GeoHealth Laboratory, based at the University of Canterbury and funded for many years by the Ministry of Health.

    He also teaches about the Geography of Health and use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) – in other words, making and examining maps of peoples’ health and environment.

    Malcolm is originally from Northern Ireland and moved to Christchurch in 2011.

    He is married to a lovely local lady with a newborn daughter and spends time outside of work involved in various faith-based events and community commitments.

    Some might say, perhaps because of his Northern Irish heritage, he is interested in being a positive disrupter; influencing and interacting with our communities and hopefully making us all happier and healthier as well.

    Malcolm can be described as the resident technology and map geek. He is really excited to be a part of the #wellconnectedNZ team and is looking forward to see how it can impact positively on the people in our communities.

    If he wasn’t based at a University, he would either be a youth worker, or a DJ (or both), or maybe even at home looking after his daughter.

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