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The #WellConnectedNZ Interactive Community Map got its start in Christchurch and the content is location-based. Populated from local databases, the map helps users pinpoint real life people and places where connection is happening in our city.

However, the project aim is that this resource expands far beyond the borders of Christchurch,
Canterbury, or even New Zealand.

We see the positive impact the map is making for people with long term conditions and their whanau, neighbours and friends, social workers, physiotherapists, health navigators, community workers, and medical professionals.

If you would like to be a part of this weaving together of the people in your own locale, we are happy to share our process so that you can add your own community places to the map around where you live.

We’re also happy to offer ideas about how to draw on the power of crowdsourcing and groups within your area.

To give you a sense of how the #WellConnectedNZ Interactive Community Map was created, two of the masterminds behind the map’s design and implementation talk about how they did it.

How do I set this up in my area?

Click here for a step-by-step guide which Clèmence and Malcolm have put together on how to add to the map where you live.

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